:star::star::star::star: UPDATE: Wegen zeitlicher Knappheit findet dieser Wettbewerb erst dieses Jahr statt! Nähere Informationen über den Zeitpunkt bald hier. :star::star::star::star:

:star::star::star::star: UPDATE: Because of little freetime this contest is postponed and will take place this year! More information about the date soon to read here. :star::star::star::star:

Dieses Jahr betreue ich meinen ersten eigenen Wettbewerb!
Es handelt sich hierbei um einen internationalen Fanart-Contest der Kategorie Art-Battle, sprich es ist kein wirkliches “Rennen” um einen Preis, sondern vielmehr ein Wetteifern aus Spaß. Das Thema ist “Henry Cavill: Man Of Steel”

Hier der Originaltext:



Hello to all ye artists out there who love to draw..! :wave:
This is my first contest/event-thingy so I’m very excited about it! :eager:

:star::star: UPDATE:  Because some of you are very busy these months (me included) I’ve set new closing dates! Now you’ve got some more time for mailing me your references and time until  end of November to send in your finished drawings! :star::star:

I’d like you to draw a collage of our new Superman Henry Cavill with at least 2 pictures in it..! :)

The Prize
I will collect all entries, put them together to a great mural and then exhibit it at deviantArt, giving a shoutout afterwards on Facebook, twitter, tumblr & Instagram to promote all those marvellous artists who were willing to take part in this project. :heart:

Closing date for sending me your references (!) will be September 30th, 2013. Until this day I will add you to the list and keep this Journal updated with the references you chose so that is clear which pictures are already taken.

I’m starting with these three reference pictures:

 photo 164261_637973662895550_1316982053_s.png

 photo BNMwk0UCQAAuVFgs.jpg

 photo tumblr_mo6h7ekpaW1rf2ywso2_500.jpg

I already made a sketch, so that you see what an entry should be like:
 photo ManOfSteelContestWIP1.jpg

Please choose your references wisely so that we don’t get the same pictures again and again.

You’re not allowed to:
– send entries which aren’t yours
– manipulate your drawing in graphic programmes. You may crop your scan, dust it off or erase the unexpected stain from food/drink, but no major corrections.
– add things in graphic programmes, like words or images. Your entry has to be 100% traditional!
– overdraw printed photos

Technique: Pencils and/or colored pencils. You can also use watercolors, pastels or Copics, but only for mixing techniques. Please no use of Copics only!
Style: Realism – Henry should look realistic. Please no Comic or manga style or caricatures!
Size: Any size you’re comfortable with.
References: Henry doesn’t have to wear the Superman suit, you can draw him as Clark Kent wearing normal clothes as well. But please no costumes (like those from The Tudors) or something!
Please notice: Only one entry per participant!

Because this is a contest not only for deviantArt members, you can submit your finished drawings to contest(at)visualwings.de Until November 30th, 2013. I’ll have all entries in one place and I won’t miss any entry.
Please send both scan and picture of your drawing in high resolution, so that I can check whether your entry hasn’t been adjusted to a certain degree in any graphic programme. jpg or png would be nice.

I hope you like this event and many of you will take part in it! I’m really looking forward to see your drawings..! :dance:

Do you have any questions? Please ask below this journal or send an email at: contest(at)visualwings.de

PS: Help me spreading the word about this contest and share the news with your friends..!