Do you accept commissions?
Yes, I do.
Simply send a mail to info(at) with your wishes and suggestions or write a message by using the contact form.

I’d like a portrait to be drawn, would a photograph be enough to do this?
Photographs will do fine.
But they shouldn’t be of a bad quality, shouldn’t be too small or blurred and the faces must be recognizable.

How much is one drawing?
Depends on the size, the technique and the whole effort.
I made a price list on which you can see which prices you can expect in round terms. Please notice that the prices are only valid for the current price list on this website.

How much is the shipping?
The costs of packaging and shipping are different, on avarage from 6€ up to 9€ additional to the price of your commission.

How long does it take you to make a drawing?
It’s very different from drawing to drawing.
Drawings done with graphite are finished more quickly than drawings made with colored pencils, as long as the effort isn’t too high or there aren’t too many details in it.
I also don’t finish a drawing in only one session, but rather make a break every now and then so that my eyes don’t get used to mistakes.
So I’m never able to make a definitive declaration. But one drawing always contains several hours of work, sometimes even binary.

Do you draw humans only?
No. I don’t limit myself to only a few motives.
I like trying new things and even extraordinary motives aren’t too difficult for me.

Which graphic tablet do you use?
I’ve got the Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch S.
I don’t need a larger tablet.

Which microphone do you have?
I use the Plantronics DSP 400.

Which software do you use for streaming?
For recording and streaming I use the Open Broadcaster Software, which is completely free:

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